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Social Responsibilities

Kingdomway Group always pursues the common development of the company and its employees and society and nature, pays back the society with practical actions, creates a harmonious environment for corporate development and practices social responsibility.

The company has established a sound management structure, which mechanically ensures that all shareholders enjoy all rights and interests openly, fairly and equitably; also, it conscientiously fulfills its information disclosure obligations to ensure that information disclosure is true, accurate, timely, complete and fair; what’s more, it strengthens investor relations management, and creates a good interactive platform for investors through multi-directional communication channels such as internet, telephone and email.

The company has established a perfect human resources management system and an excellent salary and welfare system. At the same time, it provides a safe and comfortable working environment for employees, pays attention to the physical and mental health of employees, arranges annual physical examinations, organizes talks with employees and cultural evenings to showcase their talents and enrich their spare time, and provides good training and promotion channels for employees.

The company attaches great importance to environmental protection, actively carries out energy saving and emission reduction activities, makes the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise a top priority, adopts advanced environmental management system, improves a series of systems for environmental management, and strives to realize the harmony between the enterprise and nature. It carries out the in-depth technological transformation, implements structural optimization and upgrading, takes the initiative to eliminate backward products and processes with high energy consumption, and develops new products and processes for energy saving and emission reduction.

The company actively undertakes social responsibility and is committed to charity. While developing itself, it does not forget to give back to the community and enthusiastically contributes to the development of education. It has made financial donations to Xiamen University and other institutions many times, set up "Kingdomway Education Fund", and won the silver medal for "Contribution to the Development of Schools" issued by Xiamen Municipal People's Government. In the future, the company will continue to carry forward the spirit of philanthropy and contribute to the cause of education with a high sense of social responsibility.


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