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Corporate Vision|To be a leader in the health industry

Based on the mass health industry, Kingdomway Group strives to develop and move forward steadily with social responsibility and corporate ethics as its responsibility. In the pursuit of excellence, while not forgetting the original intention, the company takes the realization of human health and happiness as its responsibility, seeks mutual benefit and the win-win situation between the company and society, and strives to become a leader in the mass health industry.

Corporate Mission|Scientific nutrition, Sports and Vitality, Health and Charm

Health is not only a decisive factor in ensuring people's life quality but also a source of motivation to promote active living. The company believes that scientific nutritional supplementations, together with sports and exercise, can bring more vitality to people, thus making them glow with the natural charm of health from the inside out. To improve the quality of human healthy life, Kingdomway Group keeps innovating and forging ahead to meet consumers' demand for a healthy life through its products and services while passing on the positive concept of healthy life to every customer. From the production of raw materials to the sale of products, Kingdomway Group aims to help consumers achieve the pursuit of health more confidently and conveniently; Moreover, the brand concept advocated by the company also imperceptibly affects consumers' understanding of healthy life.

Corporate Values |Being scientific and rigorous, creating value, acting with integrity, and pursuing excellence

Values are the way forward for corporate development. By establishing a scientific and rigorous production attitude and adhering to the management principle of being responsible for the vital interests of consumers, Kingdomway Group acts with its philosophy of people-oriented sustainable development. It not only hopes to act as the discoverer of value but also looks forward to participating in the creation of value. With integrity and honesty as the foundation and the pursuit of excellence as the driving force, every employee of Kingdomway Group gives full play to his or her personal value at work while striving to create value for society. On this basis, through the in-depth exploration of the value of the mass health industry, the company seeks to deepen people's understanding of the value of health in an all-around way.

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